The game offers more than 30 levels divided in 3 difficulties: easy, medium and hard. At first, only easy levels are available. The other difficulties can be unlocked by progressing in the Trophy Road.

More levels will be added over time.


Medals are rewarded based on your time on a level. There are 4 medals to obtain: bronze, silver, gold and the author medal. The author medal is obtained by beating the time made by the author of the level. You will need to master a level to obtain the author medal.

Collect medals to gain rewards!

Trophy Road

The Trophy Road is your main vector of progression in the game. You can earn trophies by playing online races. You will also be assigned a league based on your trophy count. You can see the top players by looking at the trophy leaderboards.


The seasons last 1 month. At the start of each season, a new Exopass will open with exclusive rewards.

At the end of the season, the season time leaderboard will be reset. This is made to ensure anyone has a chance reach the top of the leaderboard each season. You can always browse the times of the past season, as well as the global time leaderboard.

Additionally, players with more than 4000 trophies will lose a certain amount of trophies. They are converted into platinum trophies that can be used in the platinum shop.


A new Exopass opens at the start of each season. The Exopass is a series of rewards like boxes, diamonds and exclusive cosmetic items.

There are 2 tracks on the Exopass:

You progress on the Exopass by earning tokens. You can earn tokens by playing online races and completing missions.

You can also use diamonds to unlock the next step instantly. Once you reach the end of the Exopass, you will receive an additional box for every 500 tokens you earn.


Players are matched based on their trophy count. However, matchmaking can't guarantee perfectly fair races all the time. The amount of players online is not infinite. Depending on the timezone you're playing on there might be less players available. And since we cannot make players wait in the queue for several minutes, sometimes players with a high trophy count might be matched against lower trophy players.

To compensate for this, players who lose against opponents with a lot more trophies will lose less trophies at the end of the race. Inversely, winning against a player with a lot more trophies will give a trophy boost at the end of the race.

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